On The Edge of the Earth


Driving on small, winding mountain roads, not being able to see 30 feet ahead because of the fog, this is how we crept upon the fairytale land of El Torcal de Antequera. El Torcal is part of the mountain range Sierra Torcal in southern Spain, formed by tectonic plates smashing together and the high formations being eroded down by wind and water, creating an imaginative collection of carved rocks.



Though the fog cut short our time at El Torcal and kept us from exploring on the many footpaths in the area, it gave the craggy gray land a stunning and mysterious air. At the viewpoint near the visitors center, looking out over the railing was looking out over the rock to the absolute edge of the Earth, a solid white wall of nothingness.



The edge of the earth.



Mirador de las Ventanillas

Whatever disappointment I felt missing the explorations was completely assuaged by the views I encountered. El Torcal is definitely a place I would love to return to and explore further.



The sunset lit this field on fire.


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Just a student who loves to travel, eat, cook, have adventures and hang out with awesome people! I'm restless and want to see the whole world. Music powers me and I love listening to new things and going to shows with my crazy friends. I grew up in South Florida and made the move up to Boston for college as soon as I could. Right now I'm doing an internship in marketing for The Alleyway in Beirut and it's pretty exciting being here!

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