El Bañuelo


El Bañuelo is just one of those things that, if you’re spending any time in Granada at all, you don’t really have an excuse not to visit it. It is an old public Arab bath (hammam) located right on Paseo de Los Tristes (or Carrera del Darro) that is free to get into and open from 10am to 2pm on Tuesdays through Saturdays. Keep your eyes out though! It’s quite easy to miss though it’s right on the road.



It’s pretty small, but a good opportunity to see an authentic Arab bath unchanged from the time it was used in the past. You can easily stop by and check it out for a few minutes and then continue walking up along the road to see a decent view from below of the Alhambra and continue your explorations in the Albaycin or relax in one of the cafés along the street for a cup of tea or some ice cream.



Passeo de los Tristes/Carrero del Darro, El Bañuelo is down this road.


View of the Alhambra over the river.



A strange sight in a window…


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