Vibes, Good and Bad


It should be illegal to be awake and shove into the world at 5am. And yet that is exactly what happened to us.

We were dropped off in the middle of the town of Pamukkale and ushered directly into the bus company’s office. From the start, we got weird vibes from these guys. We wanted to go to Bodrum that day and the time they told us their bus would leave was a couple hours after we wanted to leave. They tried to convince us that it was the only time we could get a bus there but we aren’t stupid and knew that all bus companies do not have the same times. After I went out walking around to a few other bus companies to ask the times they had buses leaving, the guys at the company were short and shady with us, obviously displeased that we could not easily be duped. Too bad for them.

Waiting around for the site of Pamukkale to enter was nearly torturous, relieved only talking to some fellow travelers, a couple from Australia who had been on the road for a while now, vaguely searching for a place that they might like to call home in the future. When it finally reached 7 or 8am, we hopped on a bus to the far entrance to walk our way back to the beginning.

Pamukkale is half travertines and half ruins. The far entrance is the ruins, which were…odd. They seemed old yet unnatural, almost staged. They were cool to explore but the paved road going straight through them felt forced. It was a peaceful early walk through them, and emerging from the ruins to the travertines was a nice sight to see.


Though a lot of the pools were empty, they still looked really cool. And the pools that were full were stunning next to each other. Crisp, white, calcium-dyed pools stacked on top of each other and looking out to the town, with warm, blue, spring water filling them to the brim and shining back at you.



Even though we tried to take our time going through Pamukkale, we were done by 11am and decided to try and hurry back to the bus office and switch out tickets for noon rather than 3pm. Running down the pools and stopping to take some photos, we barely made it to the office in time but succeeded and were soon on our way to Bodrum! I’m happy we were able to make this switch, Pamukkale had some weird vibes going on with their people and we made it to Bodrum just in time to settle into our hostel (run by a couple of the most hilarious meatheads ever) and make it down to the seaside to catch a gorgeous sunset during dinner.


Looks like we have a visitor…



We had a chill night that night, hanging out with everyone in the hostel on the roof for hours. Already, I loved the vibes of Bodrum. The people were cool and helpful, it was clean and beautiful, and of course, it was right on the water. The next day, when we took a bus down to Tropical Camel Beach 30 minutes away and relaxed for hours in the sand, water, and hula hooping, is when I came to the realization that I have no choice in life but to live by the beach if I want to be happy. I am a beach bum at heart, plain and simple. Though that doesn’t mean I’ll ever go back to Florida, it’s too humid and gross there, and living by the mountains is also a necessity, but being in a place like Bodrum with a sparkling sea and soft sand surrounded by mountains is beyond perfect.


Sandmonster! This woman rolling around in the sand after  being in the water and stuffing it all up on her face and in her clothes was just…bizarre…

Leaving Camel Beach was hard, but it had to be done. We had a plane to Istanbul to catch! And taking that quick flight to Istanbul was about a million times better than another brutal overnight bus ride, especially considering they came out to about the same place. The Bodrum airport was tiny, with one entire wall of the airport being glass windows, facing the west so we could see the vibrant, colorful sunset straight ahead.



Sheep’s first place ride.

One short flight later, a shuttle bus to Taksim, and a hunt for a place to drop our bags, we’re on our way to see the artist Rustie performing at one of the clubs off Istikal Street. Though short, the show was great, and afterwards we managed to finagle our way backstage to chat with Rustie and get our tickets signed. Heading back to our hostel, we settled in, looking forward to our big Boston reunion.


This place is hilarious, bars sell tequila, vodka, melon, etc shots right on the street.


The hostel we left our bags out for a few hours had an interesting character.


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