Jeita Grotto, Take 2


This past weekend I finally got the chance to return to Jeita and see the lower cave, which was closed when I went back in January because the water levels were too high for the boat ride. I went with my fellow interns, two of them had never been at all before, and we had to pay full price of 18,150LL since both caves were open. We explored the upper cave, which was just as stunning as the first time and I managed to get a couple decent shots in on the sly, despite the no photography rule.


We took the train down to the lower cavern and hurried to get the best seats (facing away from the boat conductor so we could take pictures where he couldn’t see us) and got ready for the ride. You could tell the lover cave opened really recently, the  water level was still pretty high so we had to duck our heads under the ceiling to actually get into the main part of the cave after the boat took off.


The lower cave, though awesome in its own right, was definitely less impressive than the upper one. Probably because of a combination of the ridiculously short 5-minute boat ride and the not-quite as impressive rock formations as in the upper cave, it just didn’t stun the same way. Honestly, I would have been just as happy seeing only the upper cave if I knew what the lower one was like, so I would suggest to anyone else to not let the time of year affect when they visit Jeita.


Speaking of the time of year, it’s strange how in the colder winder it was really hot and humid in the cave. So humid, that when I left my jeans were kind of wet. In the summer the caves are actually really cool inside and not nearly as humid. There were also more mistreated animals in tiny cages in a makeshift zoo.  Boo. Minus points for Jeita.



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