Ski de Nuit, Like a Boss


This past Saturday I made my way over to The Cedars ski resort in the north, where the highly anticipated, annual Ski de Nuit party was taking place that night. Ski de Nuit is the annual night ski event, where a couple slopes are lit up and open until midnight for skiing and snowboarding.


The Cedars.


I met up with a couple friends at Dora to catch the bus to Bcharre, where a coworker welcomed us into her home to have delicious homemade molokhia before driving up to The Cedars. Once we had all our equipment rented and our tickets purchased (a pretty good deal too, $15 for the skis and $30 for the event with one drink), me and Alexis headed up to the lift. I’m so lucky Alexis, former competitive skier and talented coach, was with me because without her I would have spent the whole night on my ass and limped away with more than just the two bruises on my knees now. It was weird being on skis again, the last time was over 14 years ago back before I moved to Florida as a kid.


Only when I was on the ski lift did I start having second thoughts, but there was no turning back at that point! After a bit of a rough start, two hilariously epic tumbles, I got back on my feet and made it all the way down the rest of the slope with no mishaps, though it took a while. I don’t know how successful I would have been without Alexis telling me exactly how to fix my awful form the whole time. I probably would have spent the whole time on the ground…


Yes, I skied in a peacoat.

By the time the slopes closed I managed to get another three runs in, with one hot chocolate break, before returning my equipment and joining the party down at the lodge. There was a really cool set up with a stage on the porch and tons of space for people to dance or just hang out on the porch and the snow around it. Though around 700 people attended last year, this year’s number was closer to 500, which I’m thankful for because I think 700 people would have made it way too crowded. The reputation that Lebanese people know how to have fun seems to be spot on, as everyone looked like they were really enjoying themselves and rocking out.


Despite nearly frostbitten toes and walking around the snow barefoot because my feet were so cold and wet in my non-waterproof boots at the end of the night, it was a huge success and I’m glad I went. Next year I will definitely be taking advantage of all the skiing opportunities near me in Boston and get back into practice!



About gabbyjockers

Just a student who loves to travel, eat, cook, have adventures and hang out with awesome people! I'm restless and want to see the whole world. Music powers me and I love listening to new things and going to shows with my crazy friends. I grew up in South Florida and made the move up to Boston for college as soon as I could. Right now I'm doing an internship in marketing for The Alleyway in Beirut and it's pretty exciting being here!

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